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Selena at Tattoo Shop

Selena is going to have a tattoo for her 21 birthday present. Lets find her a lucky tattoo and make her look cool. SWAG is the new style and Selena surely wants to be a girl with SWAG, #YOLO and all kind of fancy fashion stuff. Lets see if we can find her a funky tattoo to fit her style!
Leonas Tattoo Studio

tattoo's are awesome, and at Leona's tattoo Studio you will get to discover some beautiful tattoos which you can use to decorate different parts of a girl's body. Have fun!
Girly Tattoos Designer

Gina has been a tattoo designer for some time now and she loves her job. She is a creative girl that enjoys creating different girly tattoos designs. Today she is in need of a makeover session and she is counting on you to give her the best one you can. Take your time and take care of her hair first. Wash it and style it up to a trendy new hairstyle. After that take care of her make up and make sure she looks gorgeous when your are done with her. Have fun !
Anime Tattoo

Do you like anime cartoons and manga comic books? If the answer is yes you're in luck as in this fun online girl game you can take all the time you need to get this girl a cute makeover and find her an awesome tattoo as well. Enjoy!
Princess Tattoo Salon

You must know that even princesses likes to wear tattoos. In this game you can have lots of fun discovering yourself what kind of tattoo a princess would love to wear and how you can style it on your own. Have fun!
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