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Bento box

Welcome to some brand new sara cooking games of 2014! Are you ready to learn some new interesting recipes? Surely you are, join the game now and lets see what you can cook!
Sara Cooking Class Berry Cheesecake

If you are an aspiring cook or a fan of cooking games, you have a lot to learn from sara. sara's cooking class is now open for everyone that wants to learn the secrets of cooking and today you will learn how to cook a delicious berry cheesecake. All you have to do is pay close attention to sara's instructions step by step and your delicious cake will be ready soon. Have fun!
Sara Cooking Class Banana Egg Tart

Are you ready for another fun exciting sara cooking class game? These are the best cooking games you can find and it's a joy to learn from sara. So, ready to join her class? Today she will be teaching a new recipe, a delicious dessert called banana egg tart. Egg tart is always tasty and thinking about mixing it in with banana can only mean something delicious. Just follow all her instructions carefully while you are at class and take the test when you are ready. Have fun!
Sara Pizza Burger

Do you know how a Pizza Burger looks? Even more, do you want to find out how to bake one of your own? Well here's a fun game for kids in which you will get to cook a really delicious pizza burger, a big one that you can share with your family and friends. Enjoy!
Sara Cooking Class Rainbow Muffins

How much do you like sara cooking Class games? Here's a new online girl cooking game in which you will get to learn how to combine all kinds of tasty ingredients and cook some of the best Rainbow Muffins. Enjoy!
Sara Popsicles

Do you want to learn how to prepare your own Popsicles? Well you can learn how to do that playing this fun online sara cooking Class Popsicles! Have fun!
Sara Owl Cake

Get in the kitchen and lets start cooking, here in sara's cooking Class you will be the chef, and your mission will be to cook one of tasty owl cake following sara's recipe. Do you think you can manage this kind of challenge?
Walnut Fudge

What do you know about sara? You may had heard of her classes and most of all of her recipes. Play this online girl game and you can learn a new fun way of cooking a delicious recipe of walnut fudge. Enjoy!
Sara Cooking Class Picnic Kabobs

Like always sara has a lot of delicious recipes to show out. And here is another delicious one that you surely will enjoy cooking. Lets help her in the kitchen and find out how to cook some tasty picnic kabobs!
Sara Cooking Class Apple Beignets

sara welcomes all you aspiring chefs to her cooking class ! Here you will learn all of cooking's misteries and secrets. Today she will be showing you how to cook a special dessert, apple beignets. You have all the ingredients in the kitchen, all you have to do is follow sara's instructions carefully step by step and mix in all the right ingredients. Do so and your apple beignets will turn up delicious. Enjoy !
Sara Cooking Class Fruit Slush Punch

sara is back with a brand new recipe for all you girls that enjoy playing cooking games. Today's recipe features a delicious fruit slush punch. If you are trowing a party but don't know what to serve your guests this recipe might save you some trouble. Just mix in all the ingredients according to sara's instructions and enjoy !
Sara Cooking Class Wedding Cupcake

If there is something that turns a good wedding into a great wedding that is the wedding cupcake. It's the perfect dessert for a wedding and all the guests love it. sara, the famous chef is going to teach you how to cook this delicious treat today. All you have to do is pay attention and follow all of her instructions carefully and your scrumptious cupcake will be ready sooner than you think. Have fun !
Sara Cooking Class Raisin Pudding

All girls loves sara's cooking class games. Today you can play a new cooking game from cooking class series, game in which you can discover how to cook one of the best raising pudding recipe. Take your time and have fun cooking a delicious pudding!
Sara Cooking Class Chicken Parmesan

Today you can learn how to cook one of the best Chicken Parmesan that you had ever tasted. In sara's cooking class you will see what you have to do from scratch, simply take all the ingredients, kitchen tools you need and sara will show you how to cook a Chicken Parmesan.
Thai Beef Salad

Well you surely must be already used to learning how to cook from sara's cooking class games. Well here is another special recipe that you will surely love learning. Today sara will show you how to combine different ingredients and cook one of the best exotic dish you will ever taste. Good Luck!
Sara Cooking Class Biscotti

Today you can have lots of fun in sara's kitchen where she will be teaching you how to cook some yummy Italian biscuits. The recipe as you will see is pretty simple, follow sara's instructions and you will see how you can cook a delicious dessert in just a couple of minutes!
Sara Green Tea Ice Cream

Ready to cook a nice and delicious green tea ice cream? Join the sara cooking Class and you will learn all you need to know in how to cook one of the most delicious Green Tea Ice Cream you had ever taste!
Sara Cooking Class Chicken Soup

Today sara will be cooking a chicken Soup. One of the most healthy meals that you could cook and eat. Join her in this fun game of cooking and lets see how you could prepare a delicious Chicken soup following the instructions in the sara cooking class game.
Saras Cooking Class Tarte Tatin

Do you like preparing cakes? Well here is a new online cooking game in which you can have lots of fun preparing a yummy desert. Make sure you follow the recipe closely and surely by the end of the game you will have a tasty tarte tatin ready to be served.
Saras Cooking Class Pinata Cookies

Hey girls. sara is here once again and she will teach you how to bake some delicious pinata cookies. All you have to do is to follow her simple step by step instructions and you'll end up with a delicious treat for you and youf family. Have fun!
Sara Cooking Class Swedish Meatballs

sara is having a new cooking course and you will be in her cooking class and she will teach you how to make delicious Swedish Meatballs. Follow sara's directions to make a delicious Swedish Meatballs. Enjoy!
Sara Beach Ice Cream

You will play the role of chef sara and you will make in a beautiful summer decor the best ice cream ever. Enjoy!
Sara Cooking Class Ice Cream Sandwich Cake

Learn how to make a great ice cream sandwich cake in a hot summer day. Now sara will teach you how to make this ice cream sandwich cake. Have fun cooking!
Sara Cooking Class Christmas Biscuits

sara is a great chef and now she is back with a new biscuits recipe, help her to cook some delicious Christmas Biscuits. Enjoy the game with sara!
Taco Salad

Chef sara has come back with a delicious Taco salad for you. Enjoy eating and cooking a healthy food and to have a lot of fun cooking. Enjoy!
Caramel Rolls

In this game you will learn how to make a delicious Caramel Rolls dessert. Chef sara will be provide you hints and you will be given bonus points. Good luck!
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